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We are a group of experienced designers and developers. We do mobile web design right.
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Recoore is a technology based company that offers complete mobile optimized websites and mobile application services. A simple idea that started as a result of mobile trends and the increase in the use of smartphones and tablets has developed into a pulsing business that has exceeded expectations by understanding client’s businesses. Creating beautiful, high-quality mobile apps and mobile optimized websites.

Recoore a Florida based organisation has seen the opportunity for growth and has also established a working relationship with developers in Jamaica and Trinidad. Recoore has realized the necessity for businesses to have a professional, dynamic and more importantly, a mobile compatible website that facilitates the growing needs of consumers.

Our approach is to provide a complete package, which include Web Hosting, Domain Name, Web Templates, ready2Go Mobile Optimized Website, and Mobile Apps.

Objectives and Goals

1. Provide new approaches to the mobile trend.
2. Becoming a major facilitator of ecommerce.
3. To be one of the leaders in mobile optimized websites and mobile app development.
4. To wow and awe customers with beautifully designed apps and websites.
5. To increase companies target market and profits by focusing on an overlooked area in business

Vision Statement

To provide customers with responsive and mobile optimised websites, complete with mobile apps for all major platforms.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to develop beautiful and dynamic mobile websites with mobile apps that will place our clients at a competitive advantage. Our aim is to continuously exceed our client’s expectations by providing a creative, appealing, easy to use service that gives small to large scale businesses the opportunity to be a part of the growing mobile ecommerce market.

Services offered
1. Mobile app development
2. Mobile optimised website development
3. Web Hosting
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Everton Johnson

With fifteen years of web development experience Everton assure the successful execution of the company’s business mission through development and deployment of the company’s web presence. This requires envisioning the company’s service offerings as a web-based business, leading implementation of web applications, and planning for risk and growth.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Nazaromo Murray

Spend most of his time architecting different areas of web development from back end programming scripts to front end engineering (HTML, CSS, and jQuery/Javascript), user experience and visual design. With a deep knowledge of computer science coding is written with hacks and beauty in minds.

Web Developer

Damion Brown

Outstanding certifications include Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
Oversee network and equipment upgrades to include IOS, CatOS image upgrades, and configuration changes.
Document network problems and changes working in diverse management environments.

Network Engineer

Any questions? mobile web design is the right answer.

Our Works

We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on.

Client:Alcor Windows

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Client:Pragmatic Analysis

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Client:Norma's bed and breakfast

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Client:Pepsi Jamaica LTD

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Recoore is GREAT!! very quick and creative, I just told them about my company and the type of website I needed, and they took it from there and produced a very eye catching and user friendly mobile optimized website, complete with mobile apps at a reasonable rates. Thumbs up! Great team to work with!
Alcor Windows & Doors: Courtney Wilkinson
Feel free to contact us about the products and services we offer.

Our Services

We pave the quickest way to mobile web design.
Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have one clear advantage in general, a well-made app can Increase your accessibility to your customers via push notification, announcing sales, new products etc.


Recoore fast and reliable Web hosting powered by superior cloud technology and 24/7 support you will love! Plans start at $7.99/mo. Secure a static IP address and domain name.


In this fast growing internet savvy world, it’s critically important for businesses to have an online presence with an attractive neat and fully functional mobile capable website.

App Marketing

Using push notification from our mobile App platform you can advertise directly to your customers, sending then events or appointment reminders, notification of sales or new products etc.



Use this mobile website simulator to see if your website is mobile friendly.

Mobile website visitors are very different than desktop visitors. People searching on mobile devises are usually looking for specific information to help them make a decision.

They are on the move and using a smaller screen so having a website that is designed and developed specifically for these circumstances is vital. If the potential customer has to wait too long or can’t find what they are looking for fast, the will simple move on to the next website.

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Full List of Our Services
  • Web Design

  • User Interface Design

  • Mobile Design

  • Mobile Apps

  • Graphics

  • HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

  • PHP, MySQL

  • Java Script

  • Content Management

  • Systems

  • Mobile App Development

  • Responsive Web


We also provide you with current information on web technologies, best practices, and available resources for developing and maintaining web sites.
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